Do you have family members listed as beneficiaries on your bank accounts, insurance policies or with your employer, or are you listed as the beneficiary on someone's account, policy or employee information?

If so, you need a sure way for your beneficiaries and yourself to be contacted for the disbursement of bank funds and life insurance policy payments.

Beneficiary information often becomes outdated or lists names only and no contact information. Therefore, Banks, Insurance Companies and Employers often have difficulty in contacting beneficiaries and in many cases, beneficiaries are never found. Billions of dollars in bank funds and insurance policy payments that are due beneficiaries, are then sent to State Agencies.

"Beneficiary Contact Codes" enable banks, insurance companies and employers to contact your beneficiary immediately if bank funds or insurance policy payments are due them.

Creating "Beneficiary Contact Codes" is quick, simple and it's FREE!

You or persons you have listed as beneficiaries can create custom codes for entering into our online printable Bank, Insurance Company, Employer and General Use Forms. Parents can also create custom codes for their minor children. Learn more.

Completed forms can be sent to your bank, insurance company, employer or other entities, with instructions to add the codes to your beneficiary information that is on file.


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Chicago Tribune - MetLife to pay hundreds of millions to policyholders and beneficiaries.

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